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“enq: TX – contention” on SELECT with a large buffer cache and 2PC

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Note: The following is based on testing with (I believe same issue exists within other Oracle versions).

I recently worked on an interesting problem relating to the “enq: TX – contention” wait event. There are a number of reasons for the wait but the most common reason I have come across at my site is best described by a forum posting I found by Jonathan Lewis... “select can wait for another transaction if that transaction is between the “prepare” and “commit” of a two-phase commit.” 

My site has a number of databases in the UK and Australia. We have often come across the problem when a SELECT statement tries to read a row which is involved in a distributed transaction to Australia. The problem is with the round trip latency to Australia. It is possible that during the communication of the PREPARE and COMMIT phases you have a 200ms – 300ms latency. Anyone trying to read the rows involved in the transaction can see a 300ms pause on “enq: TX – contention” waits. There are a number of tricks you can use to try and reduce these problems by finding ways to separate the rows the SELECT statement reads on the UK data from the rows involved in the Australian transaction. The very fact you visit the same block and evaluate the 2pc row can cause it to hang (Just reading a row to find it’s not actually the one you needed would do it as well.) We use tricks like careful usage of indexes to ensure the reader can go directly to the UK data and not even evaluate the row involved in the Australian 2pc (Partitioning can also help here too).

A new variation of “enq: TX – contention”



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